New antimicrobial cleaning treatment introduced at Leisure Centre sites

As part of its commitment to protecting the health and wellbeing of its customers and staff, Parkwood Leisure has invested in a state-of-the-art antimicrobial treatment to be used in conjunction with its facilities’ sanitising programmes.

The product, which has been used by the NHS and London Underground, is sprayed over contact surfaces and works by Lysis, which is the disintegration of a cell by rupture of the cell wall or membrane. This creates an antimicrobial ‘spike’, which pierces any virus or bacteria that lands, consequently rupturing and killing the cell and spread of the virus.

The treatment will be applied to all contact surfaces throughout Parkwood’s leisure centres, including gym equipment, seating areas, changing rooms, bathroom facilities, doors and door handles.

Facilities will be initially retreated every seven days once they reopen; however, the treatment is proven to last for up to 28 days, irrespective of additional cleaning or customer contact. It is also water-based and non-toxic.

“Even with regular cleaning and disinfecting, it is still possible for a surface to become re-contaminated by the next person who touches it,” explains Peter Mills, Parkwood Leisure’s health safety and compliance manager.

“Antimicrobial treatment significantly reduces this risk of cross contamination and it also helps to target bacteria that can become resilient to more traditional disinfectants. It will be used across all our leisure centres as part of our preparations for reopening, and of course once we are able to welcome back customers.

“It’s a significant investment for the business and we believe we are one of the first in our sector to implement this technology; when combined with our full-scale reopening plans and processes, it goes a long way to provide the confidence and assurance that we are doing all we can to reopen our facilities safely.”

For more information about Parkwood Leisure’s reopening plans, click here.