Parkwood Leisure launches Mental Health Awareness workshops for employees

Parkwood Leisure has launched a programme of workshops, aimed at making our staff more aware of mental health issues among the workforce.

The Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace workshops will cover communication and listening skills that will enable management to have conversations with their employees. They will also learn what mental health is and recognise the risk factors associated with it, as well as being taught to identify common signs and symptoms of mental ill-health.

The focus of the workshops will be on how employees can work together to build a positive mental health culture at work. Launched ahead of World Mental Health Day (10 October), the training is part of the leisure operator’s plans to proactively move towards building a positive mental health culture within its business and across its 90+ sites.

“Initiatives like World Mental Health Day are a great way of raising awareness of the subject and help to engage with employees and employers in highlighting the importance of recognising mental health in the workplace,” said Sue McGrath, HR director of Parkwood Leisure.

“It’s a growing issue and we are working hard to create an approachable and trustworthy environment where any employee is not afraid to speak up about an issue, big or small.

“The workshops are our first major step towards achieving this and by upskilling our HR team we’re able to provide greater central support across our sites.”

Mental health is a growing concern for UK business. Figures from mental health charity Mind show that one in four people are likely to experience a mental health disorder which is likely to impact their ability to work.

The stigma attached to mental ill-health is one of the biggest factors affecting an individual’s ability to cope in the workplace, with employees sometimes feeling they cannot talk about the subject, they won’t be supported, or maybe seen differently.