Parkwood Leisure’s rainforest zoo, Plantasia, is launching a crocodile feeding experience at the site.

As unique experiences become increasingly more popular, this Swansea experience is the only one of its kind in Wales.

The experience will see visitors learn all about the species before they enter the purpose-built caiman enclosure. They will then offer the crocodiles their favourite snacks, and watch as they spiral out of the water to snap their lunch.

Plantasia cares for four spectacled caiman crocodiles. The reptiles arrived three years ago as juveniles but they are now maturing into adulthood and living happily in their own “Fort Crox.”

This breed of crocodile is a particularly intelligent and aggressive species; staff at Plantasia are specially trained to care for them – and they encourage the public to witness the beasts first hand.

Crocodiles have the strongest bite force of any animal with up to 5000psi. Their ferocious personality combined with their brute force will be a spectacle for guests, should they choose to meet with them face to face.

Plantasia General Manager Anthony Williams has said: 

“Closure for much of the past 16 months has been difficult but it’s great to now be open and able to share new developments with our guests.

“The first few weeks of reopening have been extremely busy and we thank the public for their support.

“We would also now like to give them the unique opportunity to experience crocodile feeding. After all, we are the only place in Wales to show it first hand.”