Parkwood Leisure pledges support of healthy vending options and acts on super size snack culture

Parkwood Leisure, one of the UK’s leading leisure management companies, has announced new plans for the vending machines at its 85 sites to reinforce its ongoing drive to provide healthier choices for customers.  From January 2018 95% of all drinks sold will be below the sugar tax threshold along with all confectionery bars of less than 250kcal.

The new regulations adhere to the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) guidelines. CQUIN is an NHS led national framework aiming to continually improve the healthcare industry. 

Commenting on the move, Matt De’ath, Director of Catering at Parkwood Leisure says: “Our vending operations have always provided a very balanced range of products, allowing our customers to make informed choices. We’ve seen a gradual move towards the healthier ranges, driven by both our local authority clients and customer demand.

“As a leading leisure operator, we are proud to align our goals for healthier vending with the standards set by CQUIN.  By implementing these changes and adhering to the same vending criteria as the NHS, Parkwood Leisure is demonstrating its commitment to offering customers healthier food and drink choices to match their active lifestyles.”