Café Vita is turning green

Café Vita is turning green.

Following on from recent media coverage regarding the subject of single use plastics and their impact on the environment, Café Vita have decided to introduce a number of changes to reduce the use of plastics within the business.

From January 2018 Café Vita will cease to purchase any new single use plastics, this reduction in the purchase and use of straws, plastic cutlery and plastic cups will result in an annual saving of 200KG of single use plastics.

Alternatives have been sourced in more environmentally friendly materials, including paper straws, wooden event cutlery and PLA (PLA or polylactic acid is a bio based plastic made from renewable raw materials such as corn based resin) compostable plastic smoothie cups and lids.

In order to minimise unnecessary waste we will use our existing stocks of products, this commitment and timescale is focused upon new purchases.

Due to continued success in our coffee concepts we have also decided to re-examine our environment credentials relating to the use of takeaway coffee cups, from January 2018 all purchases of new stock will switch to 100% compostable coffee cups and lids. This equates to a reduction of over 2million cups and lids a year going to landfill.

Café Vita will introduce and promote to customers a reusable coffee cup, offering customers a discount each time they reuse their coffee cup.

Due to the continued success in cooking oil recycling Café Vita is extending its partnership with Olleco further and has started a roll out programme of launching food recycling which will be extended to all sites.  Weekly collections of food waste by Olleco will convert the foodwaste into green energy.

Matt De'ath, Director of Catering said, “It is an exciting time to look at our environmental credentials and challenge ourselves to continually examine our practices and understand what more we can do whilst remaining commercially competitive”