Parkwood Leisure is proud to deliver a huge array of events throughout the year.

The sporting events that we are able to host at our facilities range from local competitions to national events with television coverage. For instance, Spiceball Leisure Centre in Banbury was the chosen venue for Sky Sports Snooker which is televised nationally; whilst even at our smallest centres we are able to accommodate local events such as galas and showcases.  

The sheer diversity of our facilities has enabled us to host a range of events that are not limited to sports. Our many sizeable sports halls have previously held animal fairs, craft shows, indoor markets, as well as martial arts grading and dance competitions. We also hold many cultural events, such as liver performances, live music, pantomimes, art exhibitions, weddings and family events such as birthday parties and christenings.

Parkwood Leisure aims to accommodate all event requests and fully expand the portfolio of services available to engage the wider community audiences.