Getting People Active

We are passionate about promoting the benefits that fitness and high activity can bring and take every opportunity to help our customers to live a more active lifestyle. Through our dedicated fitness brands and our adherance to the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) we ensure that all of our services are as open and wide-reaching as possible.

The Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) is a programme that supports the fitness industry to become more inclusive, catering for the needs of disabled and non-disabled people and raising physical participation levels.

The IFI accreditation is awarded based on four different criteria:

  1. Accessibility of building
  2. Staff training levels
  3. Engaging marketing and promotion
  4. Equipment provision

Parkwood Leisure currently has two facilities with the highest level of Inclusive Fitness Initiative accreditation; Erith Leisure Centre in the South-East and Hutton Moore Leisure Centre in the South-West. Parkwood Leisure is proud to have nine other facilities across the country that are IFI accredited and are working towards the highest level of IFI accreditation.
As well as having accessible facilities our range of brands aims to ensure sports and physical activity is accessible to all.


Expressions Fitness is the brand that encompasses all of our gym and fitness class activities. Adults are encouraged from the first day they sign up to maintain an active lifestyle with support and guidance from our experienced instructors. Each member is introduced with a personalised induction, free of charge, to ascertain their fitness goals, current ability and personalised fitness plan. This is followed every 6-weeks by a free refresh, to ensure continuous progress and interest in their fitness routine. Members are shown how to use equipment safely and correctly, removing a fear barrier that may have been preventing them from taking up physical exercise before. All gym classes are led by qualified professionals, able to engage with members and encourage them to get the best out of the session. The group element of the classes ensures that no one is left feeling self-conscious of their ability and able to progress at their own pace.  

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to swim. This is why, no matter what age or ability our customers are, they are provided with the opportunity to swim under the Aquazone brand, which follows the Amateur Swimming Association’s national swimming framework. The framework is based on achievable outcomes for each stage of learning to ensure continuous progress.

Parkwood Leisure works closely in partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association and Tennis Foundation, and all are committed to increasing participation in the sport through various proactive promotions, innovative and engaging programming and free taster session through the On Court tennis brand.
Sway Dance is Parkwood Leisure’s own dance brand which aims to deliver a wide range of dance genres to children and adults alike throughout our centres. The dance brand is very popular with children and teenagers and Sway Dance includes genres such as street dance, ballet, jazz, musical theatre as well as unconventional genres such as Bollywood. Tea Dance was launched in 2013, which was aimed at tackling social reclusion in the elderly, also launched was Ballroom dancing which was aimed at introducing or reintroducing dance into adults’ lives.

For more information, please visit our brands page.