Leisure Management

With over 18 years of experience, Parkwood Leisure is able to assess situations with more expert consideration than any other provider. We can quickly and accurately pinpoint the precise work required in a contract, providing effective management from the earliest development stages through to the successful launch of a new contract.

Parkwood Leisure’s approach not only allows us to react better to our client’s unique situation, but also sets the foundation for our fully tailored solutions. By undertaking a more thorough initial assessment, we provide a more robust framework for each individual client, complete with a working knowledge of problems unique to the contract. This allows us to quickly address any potential obstacles to the continuing and smooth delivery of services.

We are well-versed in dealing with and overcoming challenges that may present themselves with each individual project. These challenges may range from environmental concerns, building defects, and specified budgets to name but a few.
Parkwood Leisure has faced these challenges and overcome them with innovative and tested solutions.

Parkwood Leisure specialises in the delivery of DBOM contracts. The Cherwell contract in particular exposed several unique challenges. The site was subject to environmental difficulties as it is adjacent to the River Cherwell; presenting instability and contamination problems which affected the original centre. Parkwood Leisure was able to overcome this by using vibro piling with stone columns to strengthen the ground. Soils were also screened to resolve the contamination. Additionally a 4.5m ‘green wall’ was constructed to support ground adjacent to the river. The extensive planning to the construction was instrumental in the success of the project.

In many of our projects, maintaining operational activity during the construction and development has been implemented. Parkwood Leisure is able to overcome this barrier through effective planning; including detailed logistics strategies, relocation of services, and in the example of Crook Log Leisure Centre, the construction of a temporary building to keep service disruption to a minimum.

We are experienced in delivering project to specification, on time and specifically on budget. There have been many projects with strict budget requirements and Parkwood Leisure has carefully implemented thorough budget management techniques in order to alleviate any risk of increasing costs. In the case of Crosby Leisure Centre and many other contracts, regular design reviews took place to monitor budget versus specification.  The use of value engineering techniques and strict change control during construction was executed.

With our previous experience, we are able to adapt to any project specification regardless of the challenges that may be presented. Parkwood Leisure’s reputation comes from our ability to deliver time and again in even the most arduous of circumstances. We guarantee that any project undertaken by Parkwood Leisure will be delivered consistently and on budget, in keeping with Parkwood Leisure’s exacting company standards.

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