Our Communities

We take our role as a community champion incredibly seriously, doing everything we can to encourage the use of our services and promote exercise and healthy living amongst local residents. Whether it’s our sport development and community inclusion work, our charitable events and fundraising activities or our continual drive to get people active, we are always striving to affect positive change within our local surroundings.

A Tailored Service

Each of the facilities that we operate is fundamentally unique, just like the community that it serves. We embrace the impact that different locations, communities and people have on the look and feel of a centre and our policy is always to listen and adapt our service and provision to the needs of local people.

This approach extends to hard to reach groups and communities, such as ethnic minorities or those with disabilities. We adapt and tailor our service to ensure we are reaching our own participation targets, as well as those of our client partners.

One of the best tools for achieving this is our brands. At each of our leisure centres we offer dance classes under our Sway Dance brand, for example, such as cheerleading or Zumba. At Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, however, where engaging young males in physical activity was a strategic priority, we developed and successfully implemented a Break Dance programme, which helped attract this hard to reach group to the centre. Sway Dance has a very different meaning in our West Berkshire contract, where centres run a successful programme of Ballroom Dancing and Tea Dance classes, as part of our efforts to engage the over 50 demographic.

In this way we structure our service entirely around the needs of the community, helping to create a sense of ownership amongst local residents and a shared understanding between staff and facility users.

Community Groups

Our doors are open to a huge spectrum of community groups and are not just limited to sporting organisations. Youth organisations, such as Scouts and Brownies, use our facilities, along with other clubs aiming to contribute to the physical and mental development of young people. In addition, we are consistently looking for ways to support communities in promoting active and healthier lifestyles, which is why weight loss groups and other clubs encouraging activity regularly make use of our centres.

Our goal is to help to create healthy communities that enjoy exercising and promoting healthy living.