Why Choose Parkwood?

Here at Parkwood, we bring our unique understanding and ideas to every contract and bid that we work on, ensuring you get the best possible solution for your centre or community.

Each of the facilities we operate directly benefits from our focus on Quality, Care and Excellence, as we work together with our clients to deliver positive outcomes for local people. This can be seen in everything we do; whether it’s our work developing local sports teams, our Steps to Health programme which helps people back to fitness or our continued campaign to offer activities that are accessible and enjoyable for everyone, we deliver facilities that work for all stakeholders.

As a leisure operator, we bring a unique approach to each of our facilities. Here are what we feel are some of our key strengths.

  1. Reputation and history. Parkwood has been designing and operating leisure facilities for over twenty years. We know what it takes to run a centre safely and effectively, year after year and our extensive forward operating book means you can be confident in working with a highly stable organisation.
  2. Local, community focus. Every leisure facility that we operate is fundamentally unique. We don’t have company or contract wide, timetables, activities or classes. We recognise that every community and Local Authority partner has different requirements and adapt our services accordingly.
  3. Inclusivity. As an operator we aim to cater for everyone. Examples include our Nifty Fifty classes, Tennis programmes for the partially sighted, and IFI accredited gyms and equipment.
  4. Strong, adaptive brands. We have a fantastic and diverse stable of brands that we bring to centres to help drive awareness and participation in our activities. From Aquazone to Change Gear to Sway Dance, Cafe Vita and everything in between, our brands help to drive our local initiatives on the ground and bring new customers to our facilities.
  5. Group Capability. As one part of a much larger group, Parkwood Leisure is able to draw on its sister companies for expertise in a wide range of fields, from design and construction to healthcare to horticultural management.

What's more, with our exemplary health and safety record and our commitment to sustainable energy management, our client partners rest assured that their facilities are in the safest possible hands.

To find out more about the services we provide and to read some of our success stories, visit our case studies section or get in touch and let us know your requirements.