19 March 2024 –

Leading leisure operator Parkwood Leisure, and subcontractor Legacy Leisure, have agreed a five-year contract extension with North Somerset Council.

As part of the extension, Hutton Moor Leisure Centre is due to receive a significant funding injection to refresh its fitness equipment and swimming pool changing facilities.

Hutton Moor Leisure Centre is North Somerset Council’s largest leisure centre, with more than 600,000 people using the site every year. It’s currently operated by Legacy Leisure – who also manage Scotch Horn and Backwell Leisure Centres – and the council has recently agreed to extend their contract until 2032.

As well as continuing to provide local people with access to a wide range of recreational facilities, the leisure centre’s swimming pool changing rooms will also be updated to improve people’s experiences at the site. Parkwood Leisure is putting £135k towards this, with the rest of the costs being covered by Section 106 contributions from housing developers.

Hutton Moor’s swimming facilities are very popular with the community, offering casual swimming, swimming clubs, and a swimming lesson programme in which more than 2,200 children are enrolled. The funding will be used to improve the changing rooms, to ensure they are a fresh and inviting space for users.

Parkwood Leisure has already invested £100k in new state-of-the-art fitness gym equipment. They will also invest an additional £100k into the facilities during the contract period.

Councillor Mike Solomon, North Somerset Council’s Executive Member for Culture and Leisure, said: “I’m thrilled that Hutton Moor Leisure Centre’s wetside facilities are set to receive some much-needed investment.

“We know that many of our residents really value the swimming pool at Hutton Moor, but the changing rooms haven’t been updated for more than 30 years. The fact that we can freshen up these facilities and hopefully expand them to make them more accessible is fantastic news.

“And gym-goers are also set to benefit, with an additional £100k promised for purchasing state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

“It’s great that Parkwood Leisure is putting £235k towards the projects. Congratulations to them and our council officers who negotiated the contract extension, which will see them continue to operate Hutton Moor Leisure Centre until 2032.”

Glen Hall, Managing Director of Parkwood Leisure added: “I am delighted that we have extended our contract and relationship with North Somerset Council. Hutton Moor Leisure Centre is one of our premium centres within the estate and the investment into the site will make it even more of a central hub for the people of Weston-Super-Mare than it already is.”

“I am looking forward to continuing our excellent relationship with the council, working together to build healthier communities in North Somerset.”