Working in partnership with local authorities to create active communities

Everyday, 25 local authorities across the country work with us to provide diverse, innovative and exciting health and fitness opportunities for the local community in over 80 leisure centres. Parkwood Leisure works closely with local authorities to understand how we can help to provide the best solutions.

Our brands - providing something for everyone

We understand that everyone has different goals, different barriers to exercising and different interests. Parkwood Leisure have key brands such as Aquazone swimming and swimming lessons, Sway Dance lessons programme, expressions fitness and even our own tennis brand! We aim to help provide a diverse range of activities to encourage as many people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle as possible.

We work with a range of governing bodies to provide the best programmes possible

Parkwood Leisure work closely with several governing bodies to ensure the quality, development and accessibility of our sports and activities. Working with the LTA, England Squash and Racquetball, UKActive and the ASA to name just a few, Parkwood Leisure aims to continuously improve the availability and standard of activities which are available at our centres.