We manage 75 leisure centre facilities on behalf of 31 local authorities throughout England and Wales.

Our mission is to create strong, lasting partnerships, built on a foundation of efficient and effective delivery, to encourage happier and healthier lifestyles. Our collaborative approach is based on honesty and transparency, working closely with local authorities to deliver against their own corporate, commercial and social objectives.

Glendale Golf

Parkwood Leisure maintains UK’s leading golf operator, Glendale Golf. They have a variety of courses across the UK, with six current venues and consistent expansion. We offer a fresh approach to golf course management providing players with the kind of facilities you would only normally expect to see at a private club. Our team work hard in following current trends, adapting our communications to seize every opportunity. All of our local communities understand our key values of providing an accessible, affordable and quality environment for all visitors.

All golf course management solutions can be completely tailored and can encompass anything from investment in facilities, to operating communications or even recruiting your groundsmen. We are flexible to your needs as a business.

Parkwood Theatres

Parkwood Leisure secured its first dedicated theatre venue in April 2011 at the Playhouse in Weston-super-Mare. We have since expanded our operations to a total of 4 theatre facilities in England, turning over an annual 6.5m. Our brand has since evolved into Parkwood Theatres, with our main goal being to develop our portfolio of public sector venues, supporting councils to reduce the cost of arts & culture provision in their respective localities.

We offer a bespoke service to each individual contract, please contact us to find out how we can help with the management of your theatre facility.

Parkwood Heritage

At Parkwood Leisure we recognise the significance of visitor attractions, and understand the importance of efficient management. We work alongside local authorities to maintain the beautiful historic sites Rufford Abbey, and Buxton Pavilion Gardens as well as the National Outdoor Centre for Wales, Plas Menai. 

Parkwood Outdoors

Life outdoors is simply more fun! It is our mission to not only encourage more people to take part in outdoor activities, but also to ensure we are enhancing people’s lives. We maintain a variety of outdoor attractions, from Swansea’s tropical zoo, Plantasia, to Parkwood Outdoors Dolygaer, our award winning activity centre. 

With our expertise and innovative thinking we can offer you the road to success with your outdoors space.

Parkwood Leisure manages 75 facilities on behalf of 31 local authorities throughout England and Wales.

We specialise in the development and operation of leisure facilities, visitor attraction centres, golf courses, heritage sites and theatres on behalf of local authority clients. Since our formation in 1995, we have grown considerably, managing a diverse range of sites throughout the country.

As one of the most experienced providers of leisure management provision in the UK, our mission is to create and maintain sustainable, lasting partnerships to help build happier and healthier local communities.

What makes us different?

We are an experienced, innovative, family-owned business, providing bespoke services in the communities that we serve. We do not look to drive our corporate identity; we market the facilities and the activities within the local communities that we operate in under our white label ‘Leisure Centre’ identity.

Market leaders in design, build, operation and maintenance (DBOM) of new-build leisure facilities.

We have spearheaded the complete consortia management in 14 new build projects and therefore truly understand the dynamics needed to deliver projects on time and on budget. We work with our sister company, Parkwood Project Management, who are leading providers of a wide range of consultancy services to clients in the built environment. Their team of project managers are all PRINCE2 practitioners, applying associated protocols wherever possible. The team evaluate the characteristics of each project and in doing so tailor each one to demanding output requirements.

We have developed an approach to new build facilities and major refurbishments that is founded on effective relationships, a full understanding of client requirements, exploiting new opportunities, managing risk and improving project outcomes. Environmental sustainability is at the core of our processes and we have delivered a number of award-winning facilities, many of which have achieved BREAM status.

Working with a wide range of clients and partners

Parkwood Leisure prides itself on its open working practices and wide range of partner organisations. We take a strategic and long-term approach to partnerships, recognising the value that they bring to our customers. By working together with other organisations to achieve mutual goals, we believe we become a much stronger leisure company and are able to achieve more within the communities in which we operate. Read about some of our key partners by clicking below or to find out more information on partnering with Parkwood Leisure.