Working with Magic Memories, a global leader in experience capture for the attractions industry, Plantasia Tropical Zoo has invested in new technology and innovative ways to enhance visitor experience, including photo experience and digital encounters with zoo wildlife, becoming a UK first.

August, 2022 Plantasia, Swansea’s Tropical Zoo and indoor rainforest, has partnered with Magic Memories to introduce new technology to enhance the visitor experience at the popular Swansea attraction, operated by Parkwood Leisure

Plantasia Tropical Zoo is home to a variety of over 40 animal and hundreds of plant species, with a focus on education and the protection of wildlife and rainforests. The new innovative developments are the next step in their journey following an extensive refurbishment in 2019 and an investment of £1.1m by Swansea Council. 

With the installation of a new photo experience, through a partnership with Magic Memories, Plantasia has become the first UK attraction to offer something of this kind. The zoo has installed self-service contactless kiosks which create and deliver content directly to guests’ smartphones, including sharable magic photos, videos, and selfies. 

Each visitor to Plantasia Tropical Zoo receives the photo experiences free of charge with their entry ticket, and can download six photos of themselves immersed in different backdrops. These include becoming part of a meerkat mob, being chased by a giant python, being lunged at by crocodiles, and more. Guests have the opportunity to share their photos through social media, spreading core messages around conservation. 

Magic Memories has more than 200 partnerships and has worked with other major clients including ZSL London Zoo and Dublin Zoo, who have been partners since 2009. These, as well as others including ZSL Whipsnade, Longleat Safari, and Chester Zoo, have all reported substantial revenue growth and opportunities for brand engagement and social sharing. The firm is helping destinations promote key conservation and preservation messages using interactive content experiences and digital interactions with zoo wildlife. 

John Wikstrom, executive director and founder of Magic Memories, said:

“We are delighted to have Plantasia Tropical Zoo as part of our family of partner attractions and to ‘make people smile’ as they engage with the flora and fauna at this special zoo.”

Plantasia Tropical Zoo has also installed a range of other innovative installations, featuring educational facts to allow guests to challenge themselves mentally and physically and learn more about wildlife and conservation. Additional installations include an interactive ‘expedition weigh-in’ where guests can find out which animal matches their weight, themed games against the clock featuring Meerkats and Burmese Pythons as well as a frog long jump and crocodile crush in a waterfall cave. 

General Manager of Plantasia Tropical Zoo, Anthony Williams, said:

“Zoos today are about trying to prevent the extinction of animals. They do this by raising funds for conservation of threatened species, and by educating visitors about what they can do to help. Our commitment to continuously improve the visitor experience, will help give our guests a reason to visit, and to return again in the future. Introducing new, fun, engaging, and educational installations, is helping us achieve our conservation aims in an unconventional way.”

For more information about Plantasia Tropical Zoo visit or call 01792 47455.