Parkwood Leisure and partners, Legacy Leisure and Lex Leisure, have launched a new group training program providing rehabilitation for those who have experienced Cancer. 

Current estimates suggest that up to 86% of those who are successfully treated for Cancer experience debilitating levels of fatigue afterwards, and at the three-year stage, a third of people continue to struggle with the same physical limitations and issues. The most proven way to counteract this is through structured physical activity and graded exercise. 

“I wanted Cancer to be a chapter in my life, not the whole story. It changes you – nobody comes out unchanged. I’m not the same woman I was. It’s about how you reframe it. The Battle Cancer Program helped me realise there’s more to me than those chapters, and helped me move on.”, Heather, 37. 

The Battle Cancer Program focuses on supporting people after their Cancer treatment. People take part in two 60-minute group workouts each week for an initial 12-weeks, with a view to continue after this introductory period. 

The Program is accessible to any ability and level of fitness, from first-time to the gym-regular. Adaptable and scalable movements are there to suit any restrictions, meaning every person can still complete the workout and see the maximum benefit, and build and develop their strength. Class sizes are small and personal, and all Battle Cancer Program Coaches have an understanding of what’s important when it comes to supporting people who have had Cancer. 


Teams from Parkwood Leisure, Legacy Leisure and Lex Leisure have completed the CAWS® Battle Cancer Program Level 1 Certification, which certifies them to deliver the Battle Cancer Program to individuals after their Cancer treatment. Recognised as an accredited education course in post-Cancer rehabilitation for fitness and sports Coaches, Battle Cancer Coaches are equipped to work with individuals recovering from Cancer once they have completed their treatment and released from hospital care. 

Andy Farr, Strategic Director for Parkwood Leisure told us: “We are proud to be working with CAWS and The Battle Cancer Program at some of our facilities. Our aim is to engage people who have experienced cancer in these structured and progressive sessions in a way that will bring back confidence, independence and improve physical and mental wellbeing at the same time as meeting new friends in a group orientated session.  Our teams will be ready to deliver support across a selection of our facilities as soon as November so please check with your local facility or keep an eye on social media for any updates.  

Our first Battle Cancer Program delivery will be launched in the following locations: Vale of Glamorgan, North Somerset, Torbay, Erewash, Staffordshire Moorlands, Cherwell, Bristol, Salisbury and West Northants. 

The Battle Cancer Program and Level 1 Certification is the result of the collaboration between CAWS and Battle Cancer, with the support of Nike. Battle Cancer co-founders, Scott and Freya Britton, set up Battle Cancer, a global fundraising events organisation, to raise money through fitness in support of multiple national and international Cancer charities. The team and their global supporters help fund everything from research, to how life can be enriched in the areas of treatment and rehabilitation. CAWS is a recognised education company, who pioneered how exercise professionals should support people who have experienced COVID-19 and Long-COVID. Today, CAWS continue to address vital knowledge and skill needs across the modern fitness industry, equipping professional coaches and personal trainers to support more people than ever across communities. 

The two organisations announced their partnership earlier this year with the launch of the Certification. Battle Cancer Co-founder Scott Britton told us: “The Battle Cancer Program has been carefully designed to gradually progress a person whilst also mimicking what you’d expect a modern day functional fitness class to look like. These Coach-led sessions work as a support network for people with shared experiences and understanding with a common goal. Working with Club Partners like Tracy and the Team, means that together we will increase access to support right in the heart of the community. We want to help people take back control of their body, and give them the tools and confidence to continue improving their health and recovery for the rest of their lives.” 

Mel Spooner, Managing Director at CAWS, added: “Here the joint goal across our organisations has been to provide access to rehabilitation and progressive fitness programming to individuals still experiencing challenges long in the wake of their Cancer diagnosis, many are in our gyms already, and even more across our communities. As a group we are proud to challenge the view of exercise post-cancer, and remove the stigma associated with post-Cancer exercise capabilities. At the start Andy understood from the data the positive mental and physical impact the Program makes. The impact Parkwood, Legacy and Lex Leisure will have on their membership and local communities is significant, and we’re very grateful to Andy and the Team for widening this initiative.” 

If you are looking for support and guidance or you know someone who might love to join the Battle Cancer Program, please drop in to the gym and have a chat with a member of our team.