15 December 2023 –

Parkwood Leisure’s Rufford Abbey is calling on Nottinghamshire locals to embrace their green thumbs and donate to help transform underutilised green spaces.

Spritely Sustainable CIC is excited to announce the launch of its ‘Bloom & Nourish’ initiative set to commence in January 2024. With a focus on breathing new life into underutilised green spaces in Arnold and the historic Rufford Abbey Country Park, the success of this transformative initiative relies on the support of the local community. 

The official Crowdfunder page has been launched and Rufford Abbey is encouraging all members of the Nottinghamshire community [and beyond] to contribute and bring this visionary project to fruition.

Through Spritely Sustainable CIC’s partnership with the Save Our Wild Isles Fund, every £1 donated to the Bloom & Nourish 2024 project will be matched by £2, resulting in a triple impact – a total of £3 for every individual’s contribution. This emphasises the community’s pivotal role in creating sustainable and vibrant green spaces for all.

Kirsty Edwards, Contract Manager at Rufford Abbey said: “Historically, this site was the home to 12 monks who lived on the land and cultivated their own foods and is really a key part of the Rufford Abbey history. We’re proud that this new initiative aligns with our commitment to preserving and enhancing our green spaces and will help to breathe new life into the grounds to pay homage to its rich history.”

Parkwood Leisure’s Rufford Abbey site holds a captivating historical interpretation rooted in its remarkable heritage. Originally a Cistercian abbey, the park’s history is rich with traditions of self-sufficiency; Spritely’s community allotment garden pays homage to this legacy, providing modern visitors with a living connection to the past by allowing them to grow produce on the same historic land.

In the 1850s, a sawmill was constructed on the east side of the existing corn mill, utilising the remaining mill wheel. To honour this industrial history and sustainable engineering, the proposed sensory play zone will incorporate locally sourced timber and feature a water play area with a water mill installation. This interactive approach allows children to gain a hands-on understanding of the mechanics and sustainability behind the once industrious sawmill, adding a dynamic and educational element to the site.

This thoughtful integration not only brings the site’s history to life but also provides an engaging and educational experience for visitors of all ages. It makes the history of Rufford Abbey Country Park accessible and enjoyable while highlighting the project’s core purpose of preventing, preparing for, and protecting against the impacts of climate change.

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