Rufford Abbey Country Park has launched its highly anticipated 5G Connected Forest project, Abbey Tales.

The new and exciting experience for visitors uses new technologies installed within the park to bring a better, more engaging experience to customers.

As guests walk through the attraction, they are able to immerse themselves in the rich 870 years of history the site has to offer, with interactive features, aromas and talks from the characters through the ages of Rufford Abbey. 

Guiding visitors through the ages, historic stories of the park are told bringing past characters back to life. Combining the new offering with the sites and sounds of the park, guests relive the eras, gaining vast knowledge along the way.

Parkwood Leisure and Nottinghamshire County Council have extended their already excellent partnership by working collaboratively to implement the new 5G connected forest project.

Abbey Tales is the first outcome of the 5G project which was announced in July 2021. The initial aim of the project was to make the park better connected digitally, so that guests could share their experiences at the park. 

Now the next step has been taken to use technological advances to bring a better visitor experience to the site. Rufford Abbey Country Park has always been a valuable outdoor and cultural asset for the council and these developments will only further advance the experience for visitors.

Glen Hall, Managing Director of Parkwood Leisure has said:

“I am delighted that Abbey Tales has been launched at Rufford Abbey. The new offering will help engage visitors in the rich history of the park and it will improve their overall experience. The 5G project is an excellent example of the innovative ways Nottinghamshire County Council and Parkwood Leisure are working in partnership to enhance the iconic facility.”